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Social commentary on immigration

Border Grapes

by Trajan

This is the second of my "Bitter Fruit" series: Border Grapes

Notice the razor wire fruit vine on the grapes, becoming shiny chrome for our consumption whilst the border gate and fence loom on the vast horizon.

This particular label was conceived in response to the growing fake immigration crises. I say "fake" as for decades now, illegal immigrants have been the backbone of the US agriculture industry. I say this to you: farms, food production and delivery will shut down if we continue with the "false" issue of illegal immigration. The problem actually started when the Reagan era tightened border security. Before that, migrants used to come north to work the farms, send money back home and leave. Why? Because they would rather be in their own communities then living in some crappy tent or slum motel in the USA.
The fact is, US citizens do not want to work as farm laborers. We want cheap food, but we do not want to pick it ourselves or have to live next to those whom do work the fields.

I have picked fruit in the hot sun for hours. I only did it for a day or two with my grandma, not as a full time job. It is incredibly hard work. Picking strawberries is the worst. No good position and no shade. Yet, these hardy souls do this work, without benefits, without health insurance if they get hurt. Why? Because like every immigrant whom has ever come to these shores, to make a better life.

Right now in Wyoming, the dairy industry is scrambling because immigrants are leaving due to the hostile environment. Right in California, millions of dollars of crops are rotting in the fields because there are not enough workers to pick the produce.

Expect food prices to rise.

Immigrants are not taking jobs that Americans want people. And study after study has shown that they create more jobs and a better economy for us, here in the old USA. Think on that next time you go food shopping, eat at a restaurant or go to Costco.

Post Type Digital Art Digital Composition | Digital Creation
Conceived as an initial napkin sketch. Images of grapes and border gate all 3D modeled.
Final colors, lettering and seal added in Photophop. Note: the only bit of this I did not due from scratch is the seal. I collaged different clip art images, and edited.

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