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Alice Cooper LIVE

Alice Cooper live in concert, Sydney. Australia

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Comment from karen zima

He looks the same as he did 20 years ago. You have framed him in an interesting way. Not sure what he does with the stick as I never saw him in concert. His face and outfit are well focused. You can see the drummer in the background. He adds interest to the shot. He is an interesting character and you have captured his essence and personality in this lovely photograph. Nice work. I enjoyed viewing it.

 Comment Written 15-Mar-2018

reply by the author on 16-Mar-2018
    Hi Karen thanks for the delightful review of Alice Cooper, the rock icon from way back.. He certainly still knows how to entertain and his voice is still outstanding.. Was a great concert and one to remember.. Really appreciate all your thoughts and lovely compliments.. Yes he hasn't really changed his make up appearance in all these years.. and his energy is amazing for someone his age.. thanks again Karen for taking a moment to check him out. have a great weekend , happy smiles from mel
Comment from Monica Morrell

Great photo of Alice Cooper! Appears that you had a great seat! So clear and detailed. Great outfit as only he can pull off in all his drama and magnificence. Really well captured including his expressiveness! A great contest contender! Good luck!

 Comment Written 15-Mar-2018

reply by the author on 16-Mar-2018
    Hi Monica thanks so much for sharing my photo of Alice Cooper.. love your enthusiastic response.. and all the lovely thoughts and compliments.. truly appreciated I assure you. I actually left my seat and went to the front of the stage.. just a little bit cheeky but oh so much fun. and definitely right in with the explosive atmosphere.. Thanks again Monica for this awesome review.. have a great weekend.. cheers mel
Comment from suzannethompson2

Mel, this is a great entry for the contest. You've captured the feeling of actually being there at the live music gig with the legend being Alice Cooper - you can almost hear the music and feel the atmosphere with the lights popping. I love the pose you caught as he sings, showing his bloodstained shirt and colourful attire. The misty background makes a perfect frame. Very good lighting and focus. Good luck in the contest. Suzanne

 Comment Written 15-Mar-2018

reply by the author on 16-Mar-2018
    Hi Suzanne thanks for such a fabulous response to my photo of Alice Cooper. really appreciate all those wonderful thoughts and lovely compliments. It was a brilliant concert. I had so much fun and was glad to find some of my photos came out ok.. never can be sure when in amongst a crowd of people with lights shining off the stage every where.. thanks again for taking time to share my night.. have an amazing weekend Suzanne. . cheers mel
Comment from Malmax

What a great close up shot of Alice Cooper! I love the outfit he has on and it is so his style.
The detail and clarity is fantastic and this is a wonderful shot taken at a concert. It reminds me of another concert I attended with excitement and a great musical artist. Always entertaining and I'm sure this one didn't disappoint. Pleasure to view and review, and motivates me to post a concert shot.
Great work Mel!

 Comment Written 13-Mar-2018

reply by the author on 14-Mar-2018
    Hi Marsha thank you so much for your awesome response to my photo of Alice Cooper.. so glad you could relate to the fun and excitement of music concerts.. Really appreciate all your delightful thoughts and kind compliments.. This was an amazing gig.. For a legend who is now getting on the elderly side .. he has energy to burn and his voice still sound great.. A true rock icon for sure. I wonder who you went to see that gave you lots of joy... I just love live music.. the louder the better and if I get the opportunity to get up and dance.. well that's even better still. Thanks for sharing my crazy photo of Alice Cooper.. have a fantastic week Marsha .cheers mel
reply by Malmax on 14-Mar-2018
    You're welcome Mel, I saw Aerosmith, my favorite!
    Yes everyone is getting older but they still have more energy with amazing shows. I can relate!
reply by the author on 14-Mar-2018
    awesome.. glad you have a love of music also Marsha. enjoy. smiles from mel
Comment from Mr Jones

really an amazing photo. such a great competition entry; a true legend that has inspired three generations (of music lovers). you have made a great impression with this top form production. fantastic colour combo and with the trademark, blood on the shirt. really loving this time capsule of a photo and he does not seem to have changed much over the years. along with iggy pop a great inspiration to the punks of london, circa 1977. johnny rotten auditioned to a.cooper's 'eighteen' (for the sex pistols). loving the contrast between the iconic black outfit and the smokey white backdrop. you have done really well for the exposure aspect to. the great alice.c, reminds me here, of a surreal tamer of some supenatural beast. both mr copper and mel, on top form!

 Comment Written 13-Mar-2018

reply by the author on 14-Mar-2018
    Hi Vincent thanks heaps for such a great response to my photo of the one and only Alice Cooper.. rock legend .. Love your thoughts and own take on the music scene of that era.. All legends in their own right for sure. The concert was such a buzz. Alice Cooper didn't stop for a second during his entire gig.. he has energy to burn and a voice that still sounds strong at his ripe old age.. Such a great entertainer. This outfit was one of many he came prancing out in during the gig.. the blood stained shirt was just a mild one .. I was tempted to post the pic where he had a white lab coat on which was smothered in blood and he looked totally evil.. but this one won my decision. I was a bit cheeky and left my seat , went down next to the stage where I could rock on and take photos .. . so glad some of them actually came out ok.. can never be sure at concerts with all the lighting flashing on and off the stage.. Well enough of my ravings.. guess you get the picture.. I had a blast.. thanks again for such a great review Vincent. . so much appreciated.. have a fun day ahead. smiles to you, mel
reply by Mr Jones on 14-Mar-2018
    thank you very much mel. always a pleasure to see your photo. yes with concerts you always get various lightings. fab picture!
Comment from suffolkbrian

Certainly think you captured him to a T in this and makes for an interesting photo,we don,t see enough of these type of photos on here,good clear photo..Brian

 Comment Written 13-Mar-2018

reply by the author on 14-Mar-2018
    Hi Brian thanks so much for sharing my photo of Alice Cooper .. truly appreciate your delightful response and so glad you enjoyed seeing a rock legend on your screen. What a concert.. so much fun and entertainment along with his amazing vocals and a band that truly complimented his ability to rock on. I have a few concerts coming up.. so perhaps I might get the opportunity to share more of my snap shots of some other musical souls.. thanks again Brian for taking time to respond to Alice Cooper.. have a fantastic week. cheers mel
reply by suffolkbrian on 14-Mar-2018
    your welcome,yes love to see more
Comment from stringbean

Wow! You have done a fantastic job capturing this concert of the legendary Alice Cooper ...your scene powerful and dynamic exuberant with all the energy of this on stage performance. Your central composition is strong. Good light handing and not an easy task at these concerts. Your high key background accentuates the performer so uniquely giving the an artistic background. A good contender for the Photogenic Contest and good luck. Incredible details of the costume and wonderful facial expression. Outstanding work and thanks for sharing!

 Comment Written 13-Mar-2018

reply by the author on 14-Mar-2018
    Hi Mary- Lynn thank you so much for this awesome response to my photo of Alice Cooper. so glad you enjoyed viewing this rock icon.. He is a true legend in music history.. and what a buzz to watch in a live performance. so much an entertainer as well as his excellent vocals. Love your enthusiastic compliments and kind thoughts.. Never easy as you say to capture artists on stage.. with all the lights flashing.. I got lucky this time.. if you snap of plenty some are sure to work... lol. Yes, got to love the facial expression. so typical of Alice Cooper.. a face you never forget ... thanks again Mary-Lynn for your fabulous review.. and enthusiastic response.. have a wonderful week ahead. .cheers mel
reply by stringbean on 14-Mar-2018
    You are so welcome Mel....awesome shot!
    Mary Lynn
Comment from GaliaG

Excellent photos and details

good luck with the contest

good light handling, composition and story telling

thanks for sharing

 Comment Written 13-Mar-2018

reply by the author on 14-Mar-2018
    Hi GaliaG thanks so much for sharing my photo of Alice Cooper and your kind thoughts and lovely compliments ..Appreciate you taking a moment to respond.. It was a great concert and this rock legend still has a strong voice and can entertain brilliantly. Have a great week GaliaG and again, thanks so much . cheers mel
Comment from seshadri_sreenivasan

Although I ,unfortunately, not aware of this entertainer, I can feel the energy oozing out of this photograph. This is an out-of-the-box-thinking by you! This capture displays the expression, personality, and mood of the subject.Good luck!

 Comment Written 13-Mar-2018

reply by the author on 13-Mar-2018
    Hi Sesh thanks sincerely for such a lovely review of this rock icon, Alice Cooper, even though you are not familiar with his music.. So kind of you to take a moment to offer your kind thoughts and excellent compliments .. really appreciated I assure you. Even though he is getting on now in his years. I was surprised to see what energy he has on stage. It was such a fabulous concert.. this guy is a real entertainer and his voice still rocks. thanks again for such a grand response to this music legend Sesh. . means a lot.. have a happy week . . cheers mel
Comment from Dick Lee Shia

I'll Never Cry...
A haunting rock classic from one of the best singers of all time--Alice Cooper!

He seem to gain some pounds but the face is still recognizable!
The signature trademark of
The smoky eye make up is still undoubtedly his identity.

(I remember having his giant poster in my room.)

Sharply focused fine facial features & textures.
A fashionable rock icon.
Impeccable style.

Controlled illumination with no blown out spots.
Ideal framing with impressive lighting & stage production design.

I guess the voice is still unchanged...

Long live Alice Cooper!

Why a feminine name, is still enigmatic to me!

 Comment Written 13-Mar-2018

reply by the author on 13-Mar-2018
    Hi Dick thanks for the enthusiastic awesome response for this legend Alice Cooper.. love your thoughts and memories of how he used to look and what you see now in the photo.. Yes, an iconic rock star whose energy is still outstanding.. The concert was mind blowing .. he is still one amazing entertainer and believe it or not, his voice is pretty much unchanged.. for a guy who has had such a full on life style and now in his early 70's I believe.. he jumps around on stage from the beginning to the end of his show .. as you see, that face is still the same. all the black make up dripping off his eye sockets.. had a really close up of his face which I tossed up about using in place of this, but I chose this one so you could see a little more of one of his many outfits used on the night.. Thanks Dick for the fabulous review.. hope it gave you a nice memory flash back.. have a great evening . smiles from mel
reply by Dick Lee Shia on 13-Mar-2018
    Yes, it does in so many ways! In fact I still sing his I Never Cry ballad...;-))
reply by the author on 13-Mar-2018
    oh yeah.. go You.. I captured a few good videos on my phone that night too. show some of his crazy antics that he still does on stage.. .. have a great night Dick.. rest up. tomorrow is a new day. smiles to you, mel...
reply by Dick Lee Shia on 13-Mar-2018
    Okay, nice informative notes.
    A restful night Mel! ;-)