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Country Rainbow

A rainbow on the way to the mountaims

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Comment from Sean T Phelan

Your photo of this colorful rainbow streaked across the bright blue sky makes for a pleasantly attractive picture indeed!
A very 'Good Show',my friend!

 Comment Written 15-Mar-2018

Comment from Barbara L.

Wonderful capture of this lovely rainbow over beautiful scenery! Excellent light and color. I've also heard about a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. ! suppose it would be somewhere down behind those trees. LOL

 Comment Written 15-Mar-2018

Comment from Browncat

We are all envious of your rainbow sighting! You positioned yourself with perfect light, and allowed enough of the rainbow to present a dramatic arc. Very nice colors, cropping and overall composition.

 Comment Written 15-Mar-2018

Comment from Sange

Beautiful capture of the rainbow over this lovely farm land lush with green fields.
I don't know about the pot of Gold, but I know a Rainbow is God's promise/sign/between him and Noah/the earth.
Genesis 9:13
"I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth."

 Comment Written 15-Mar-2018

Comment from lacrikit1

Why is there a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow?
Realistically, There is no end to a rainbow, for the reason that a rainbow is a circle of continuous light. Unrealistically, a leprechaun hide gold at the end of a rainbow, at the time no one knowing that there is no end to a rainbow. Why gold? It was a pot of gold because gold was a precious metal and Ireland has no gold, unless imported. Gold being higher than silver in the market. A pot of gold meant lot of $$$This is what I found on that subject..Enjoy..Also a great photo..nice colors and detail..Thank you for sharing your story..

 Comment Written 15-Mar-2018

Comment from PeglegDeb

Oh I've heard about the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow too Jack. I think it's a fairly common expression although I've never heard of anyone ever finding the end of the that's the entire point eh??

Quite a pretty piece w/ good strong saturated color. The rainbow is an added bonus. Spot on exposure w/ good focus. Nicely put together piece here.


 Comment Written 15-Mar-2018

Comment from MKFlood

I betcha you were looking for that pot of gold. Don't worry if you did find it the IRS would be standing by to get their the clarity is great. The angle of the shot of the terrain and sky view with rainbow to top it off is great. The capture of the light is great. The image is balanced and eye appealing to viewer. Good eye and great job overall

 Comment Written 15-Mar-2018

Comment from Beautyobserver

This is such a wonderful peaceful photo. Yes I have heard of the pot of gold. I'm thinking that came from a Celtic legend though I'm not sure. I have seen 2 rainbows at once but one is fainter then the other one. I love the country and rainbows as well. Good focus, lighting and cropping. Thanks for sharing.

 Comment Written 14-Mar-2018

Comment from Bremi

What a great rainbow shot. The rainbow seems to split the sky from dark to light. Good catch. This photo looks perfect for a Jig Saw Puzzle. Love your depth of view.

 Comment Written 14-Mar-2018

Comment from supergold

a great capture jack of his landscape framed by a Rainbow at the top; when the sky is very dark, you can always see the other Rainbow, very weak and wit inversed colors;

 Comment Written 14-Mar-2018