Comments For On display by Marthast

WOW! Very pretty and creative shot! LOVE what you did here!

Love the composition and colors.

Comments For Sunflower's Wishes by nature rules

Okay, I know the artist, but this isn't the reason why I am voting. I am pretty sure I know a few. But this one is what I wanted, also a couple others that changed the image to something else or played on what it looked like. You all did well. Good luck to all!

Comments For Liquid Autumn by Alveria



The design of this one seems to melt off the page.

Comments For Daisy X Daisy = 2 Daisies by SCHATZLING

some of these are actually quite unique looking; some are simply awesome; this one has all the bells and whistles making it my winner.

Comments For From this to that by Life is but a dream.

Because it shows both views