A Kindness Rock:
Is a simple act of kindness! you paint a rock and hide it in a place where you know that another will find it and make them smile!!
There is a lot of wonderfully creative, talented artists on here.. so here it is.. paint a rock, topic: being anything that you feel would make someones day, put your rock in it's hiding place, take a picture of your rock and upload it! along with a brief write up on why you choose your subject and your hiding place.
a.) you can get rocks from anywhere, your back yard, the beach, the dollar stores, online etc..and can be of any size you choose.
b.) i use acrylic paints, and clear coat them to protect from weather, you can use what ever you choose.
c.) you can hide them like outside a hospital, doctors office, pharmacy, in a school yard, in a park, entrance to a store or restaurant.. endless possibilities...
d.) you can paint a picture, you can put bible verses, words like.. hope, love, believe, a favorite phrase etc. This art contest is for all forms of art. That includes pen and ink, pencil, watercolors, charcoal, sculpture, computer art and all other forms of art. No photography.

Deadline: Contest is closed. Deadline was Thursday, July 18, 2019.

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Created by Kelly Kiley
Entries reviewed by the Contest Entry Compliance Committee This contest has ended. But there are over 50 other contests that you can enter. Click here to view our contest listing. Please click here to view the results of this contest.

This contest requires "blind" entries. That means your posted work will have no means to identify you when viewed. Your name and other information will not be shown. Fan notifications will not be sent for work posted in this contest. It will still be available in your portfolio and treated like all other posts. But when viewed information to identify it with you will not be shown until after the voting is completed.

All contest entries will be reviewed by the Contest Entry Compliance Committee. The committee will review all entries to ensure that the contest rules are being followed. If your entry is disqualified you will not be refunded the entry fees. The committee will review the entries when the deadline is reached. The voting will begin after the committee determines that all entries qualify and disqualify those that do not.

The contest winner will win half of the prize pool which is based on the number of entries. The second and third place winners will each share the remaining prize pool. The Prize Pool is currently 4.00 member dollars. There are 18 spots still open. If all open spots are used the prize pool will be 40.00 member dollars. In this contest at least 2 submissions must be made for the vote to begin. This contest is open to all members. Past contest winners can join the contest.

A voting booth will be created shortly after the deadline is reached. At that time all participants will be contacted so they can vote.

The voting booth will include this summary of the contest:

    submitted photo must contain a painted rock, hidden in its hiding spot. along with a brief write up, as to why the choose of subject and hiding spot. how creative was the painting and the hiding spot.

If you plan to post something for this contest reserve a spot. There are a limited number of entries.

A vote by site members will determine the winner. The decision is final. All members that submit a work are encouraged to vote. One entry per person. New entries to the site only. If you already posted a work on FanArtReview that work is not eligible for a contest. Click the link above to submit your entry. Members with reservations can use the link provided in their contest profile. Members may not request votes, mention contest entries, or notify potential voters of the vote by private message or other means as specified in the contest terms. The site automatically checks for this form of communication. A break in the contest terms will result in the cancellation of the account. Reserve Your Spot.

Deadline: Thursday, July 18, 2019 at 11:59pm EST.

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