Letters We Received

I recently hosted an exhibition. It was a huge success and I ended up selling about 35 pieces, I was amazed!

Without this wonderful community that we have here on FanArtReview, the help and support of the fantastic people here and the advice and constructive feedback from some amazingly talented people then I would never have improved, grown as an artist and had the idea, the confidence and the courage to show my work, let alone sell it. I was overwhelmed with the response and feedback that I received. Since this is the place where I have learned so much, I have you guys to thank for that.

So.... THANK YOU! To each and every one of you for all of your help, support, friendship, encouragement, critiques and so much more!

I am so grateful! - Julia Pensans

I just want to thank all of you for creating this website for everyone. I have improved vastly since my start and I am now coming out of my shell and creating art like I have always known I could do if I just had people giving me criticism, advice and praise. The people on this website have been awesome. I just could never bring myself to try. Now I am. Thank you so much. :)
Linda AC

When I joined FanArtReview I had no idea what it would do for me. Here I am almost a year later after joining and I have held my very first solo art show. I have SOLD art work!

I have also given local talks to the high school art society. Now I am getting ready of opening my very own art studio this summer where I will teach classes, have other local artists give classes, have wine and cheese gallery shows from local artists and hopefully sell art from the gallery.

A year ago, I would have never believed how much my life would change because of FanArtReview. What has FanArtReview done for me? The support, encouragement, critiques and suggestions that I have received from the group have put me on this path. Thank you for helping me live my dream. -- Denise Buff

The FanArtReview website is attractive and easy to navigate. The help info is user friendly. And it is fast. The images are there - immediately. Congrats to the artists that developed FanArtReview.com.

The quality of the feedback is outstanding. Members take the time to look at the work and write thoughtful comments both plus and minus. Comments from other artists are worth their weight in gold. One hears from folks that are grappling with the same 'problems'. As a learning tool - unsurpassed.

The website has depth and discovering all the possibilities available is quite an adventure. It has a game like quality about it. :) It's fun. -- basho

"I just wanted to express my gratitude to FanArtReview for this wonderful platform that came into my life back in 2004. It has been the inspiration that has lead me to owning my own art studio. I now make a living as a freelance photographer.

Never lose sight of those ideals that give us a reason to pursue our tomorrows with passion. What a great resource FanArtReview.com is to inspire us, aspire and nurture the creativity within. There are some awesomely talented people here that I love to surround myself with!" -- Lisa Throgmorton

I have been blown away by the response I have received. I am an untrained artist who first started painting 30 years ago.

I was always a bit 'behind the door' in respect to showing my work at galleries, shows, exhabitions and anywhere else as I didn't have the self confidence. I have used the internet to sell my work and have been reasonably successful worldwide. Then I found FanArtReview and decided I could exhibit and remain personally in the background.

Well, I have been truely amazed by the response and encouragement I have received from the FanArtReview family which appears to me to consist of many, many genuine, friendly and very talented people. I truely value your comments and points of advise given. Through the wonders of this impersonal media I am beginning to sense your individul peronalities and enjoy your talented work. To those of you who have reviewed my work - thank you so much. -- Ronnie McClune

It has always been a dream of mine to illustrate children's books. Since joining FanArtReview over two years ago I have been blessed to work with some lovely authors on FanStory. This has helped my dream become a reality. FanStory author sandramitchell contacted me via FanArtReview after seeing some of my work in my portfolio. She asked me to illustrate her children's book. We worked closely throughout the whole process, and after three months had all the illustrations completed. "Hedgerow Capers" is now published and features my artwork. We are planning to work on another book next year. My thanks go out to the reviewers here at FanArtReview that have helped me hone my craft to the point where this could take place. -- Corrinas Creations

I have been here at FanArtReview.com for three years and this site has done more for me, and my pursuit of better photography, than any other single thing I have done! The format of the site and the great interaction with other artists is invaluable. There is so much opportunity to refine your art (in any form) just by being exposed to the wide array of work presented. -- Dennis Ducilla

I feel I have made improvements with my photography skills and it is all because of the wonderful people on this site. I really appreciate all the help and advice. There are so many excellent photographers here. It is a pleasure to be a part of FanArtReview.com. -- Donna Brandstetter

To all of my friends and members on FanArtReview, I send a big cyber hug because without all of you and your wonderful teaching abilities and support I would have never have received the following award. I entered the 32nd Annual Spring contest in the Photographers Forum Magazine. Over 12,000 amateur photographers submitted entries in the U.S.A and Canada. My FanArtReview.com post "My Winter Trail" made the finilist group and will be published in the book "Best Of Photography 2012". This is my first published work and I owe a huge "thank you" to all of you that have taught me and supported me since becomming a member of FanArtReview. Thank you so much my friends. -- Pauline Hilwerda

I enjoy FanArtReview.com because it gives me an opportunity to see what people like and/or dislike about my work before it goes on display. Sometimes it is difficult to be objective. What is also nice about this site is that when other demands take you away from participation, you can always come back whenever you want. I think it is definitely worth the investment. Thanks FAR! -- J. Merrell

I am grateful to all my fellow FanArtReview.com members for your support and honest feedback. I've been a member now for less than a year and am learning so much with your help and encouragement. I am relatively new to photography, however, the more I investigate and contribute at FanArtReview.com, the more I am enjoying new discoveries! I am becoming more creative and proficient with the help of FanArtReview.com friends. Thank you too, to my FanArtReview.com Fans. I love this site! -- Frances Jean

This site is truly a gift and a wonderful community where artists and photographers can share and obtain valuable feedback on their works that foster growth, improvement and inspiration. I am thoroughly enjoying it and have learned so much and met some wonderful artists and friends. So thank you! -- D.L. Honeycutt (DeeZ)

I have been painting since I was a teenager, giving things to relatives, the odd commission, nothing impressive. I joined FanArtReview.com and everything changed. The feedback and encouragement from reviewers has been amazing.

Since joining, with renewed confidence, I have been showcasing my work at galleries. I have recently had my art accepted at a juried show for June.

When I have the opportunity to encourage other artists and photographers I recommend FanArtReview.com. It has done so much for me. Thank you everyone! -- mysticweaver

"I would just like to thank you for all the help and confidence that FanArtReview.com has given me. I have no training in art, but I love to paint.

Sharing my paintings on FanArtReview gave me the courage to apply to a gallery to sell my art. I got my response yesterday - their review panel looked at five of my pieces and have chosen three to be shown in their gallery in May. They have also requested that I show additional pieces every other month.

If I had never shared my art on FanArtReview I would not be having this level of success. This site has helped me improve greatly. The amazing artist, photographers, and friends that I met through FanArtReview.com have helped me greatly. This site is so great. I recommend it to anyone who needs to gain confidence and learn from others. Bless you for having a site like this. It has been an answer to my prayers. -- Vickie Wooten

I feel I have made improvements with my photography skills and it is all because of the wonderful people on this site. I really appreciate all the help and advice. There are so many excellent photographers here. It is a pleasure to be a part of FanArtReview.com. -- Donna Brandstetter

I'm writing to say "thank you" to all the members on FanArtReview.com. The reviews on my work have been very helpful and have provided me with motivation. Several galleries in Buenos Aires asked me to make an exposition. I am very happy because this would not have been possible without your support. -- T. Belgrano

I wanted to tell you how excited I was to find your site. Getting started in the art world is difficult at best. Thank you for providing such a wonderful resource to help. I have been overwhelmed by the response of the other members and have enjoyed seeing what other artist are doing. I live in a small town that has no real art outlet. This has been great. -- Thank You."

Peggy Micham

When I first found this spot on the internet I was looking for something to fill spare time. What I have found is a whole new world that has enriched my life. I just wish to thank you for this wonderful place. -- J. Suttles

I am a new person to your site (just under a month). I have to tell you that I have learned so much in that month. This is due to the very honest and technical feedback I have received. I'm finding that the more reviews I receive, the greater my technical understanding is as well. It is so refreshing to get critiqued on all facets of picture taking (i.e. subject matter, emotional impact, lighting, DOF adjustments). Things that I never thought to try with both the shooting AND the software. It is so valuable to get honest feedback, which you can't always expect to get from your friends and family. This has been very educational for me, and humbling as well. I find all members to very kind, respectful, and considerate. -- R. Turkoys

This site and the artists/photographers on it have done a world of good to improve my talent. I am also interested in doing photography now, which I have never considered until I started using this site. FanArtReview has done much more for me than just improve my art skills. You have all broadened my horizons and that is really what am looking for in life... Thank you! -- Don Sherry

I qualified last Saturday with the Irish Photographers Federation, I got a Licentiate, the first stage on the road to the pro market. The help I have received here has gone a long way. A lot had to do with the responses I received from the photos I posted on FanArtReview.com. I selected reviews I received here to help showcase my work with the judges. -- Frank Fortune

I just wanted you to know how much this site has given me. I love being a member of FanArtReview.com. I enjoy reviewing all the different types of art and photography. I look forward to reading my reviews every day. Seeing what others think of my work is such a great experience. I look forward to growing with FanArtReview. -- Melinda Dalke

Thank You FanArtReview.com

I have lived a very long and hard life and the pencil has been my savior. It touches my heart to know that my pencil is so much appreciated as shown by the reviews I have received on the site.

So to the reviewers on the site: I thank you for believing in me and for helping me to believe in myself. What a great bunch of people.

Thank You So Much -- Don D.