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Posted: March 14, 2020

It's a bird, it's a plane' it's a UFO!


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In Flight - Art Contest Entry 
***READ THIS AS IF YOU'RE WATCHING A MOVIE AND SCENE 1 IS OF A WOMAN IN HER LATE FORTYS NARRATING/READING FROM HER TELL ALL STORY AS THE SCENE WRITTEN BELOW IS REENACTED TO SHOW THE EXPERIENCE SHE HAD AT THE AGE OF 19 THAT WAS THE BEGINING OF AN EXPERIENCE THAT WOULD CHANGE HER LIFE FOREVER. IT SHOWS HER MOVING IN A STATE OF PARANOIA AND ANXIETY DUE TO THE SOUND OF EMERGENCY SIRENS AND NOT KNOWING YET WHAT WAS GOING ON. ***IT THEN CUTS TO SCENE 2, WHICH IS OF ACTUAL LIVE NEWS FOOTAGE SHE THEN WATCHED. IT IS OF THE NEWS ANCHOR FROM PSI NEWS SITTING IN THE NEWS ROOM MAKING THE WORLDWIDE EMERGENCY BROADCAST THAT QUICKLY CUTS TO MY ART ENTRY INTO THIS "IN FLIGHT" CONTEST. SCENE 1: (PERSON TELLING YOU THE STORY): "Hoping to calm my anxiety, I frantically shut the window muffling the sound of piercing sirens only for it to be heightened by the pandaemonium of a worldwide Emergency Broadcast from PSI News*** SCENE 2: (PSI NEWS ANCHOR ON TELEVISION WITH THE EMERGENCY BROADCAST): "BREAKING NEWS coming to you live here from PSI News, just moments ago this Tuesday October 11th, 2033, aliens made their first contact with earth in the city of Dubai! These photographs on your screen are of a real, flying UFO that was taken by Mhdjabin who just so happened to be the first person to capture image of the extra terrestrials! The SETI Institute and observatories from around the world are confirming the sitings to be true which is why this worldwide emergency broadcast is being issued! We ask everyone to stay as calm as you can, please get your families home and stay inside, bring all pets inside as well, and notify your loved ones to do the same just incase they are for some reason unaware, please stay tuned for the Presidential Address regarding this possible invasion, what we may experience and precautions we need to take during this possible catastrophe. Also, keep watching for more details and any updates we may have for you! Stay safe everyone , I'm Amethyst Stone with PSI News, channel 2. " *** THE END I wanted to do something hopefully a little different from everyone else by using UFO's as my form of flight when creating this piece of entry. I am working on some short stories called "Psilocybic Warz aka PSI_Warz and the topic of this contest is what not only helped me create the art itself but write a piece of this story. To create the art itself once I came up with the idea I used both watercolor pencils and panned watercolor paints, some alcohol based markers, black liner pens, and as a final touch I digitally enhanced it by adding a slight warped/spinning effect! Thank you for taking the time out of your day to view my art and reading all that I had to say about this piece. I'd like to hear anything and everything you have to say about it as well. - Jangalang Artworks
Post Type: Mixed Media Traditional Art
Mixed Media: Major This piece was created using both watercolor pencils and paint, markers, black liner pens, and was digitally enhanced to add a warped/spinning effect.

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Mhdjabin by Jangalang Artworks
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