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Posted: January 12, 2022

A Prehistoric Animal!

Diatryma gigantea,II

by Sean T Phelan Interested in this? Contact The Artist

After the Great Extinction Event at the close of the Cretaceous period killed off the large Tyrannosaurid predators certain species of large carnivorous flightless birds began to evolve to take over that suddenly vacant 'ecological niche'. ( Nature seems to abhor a vacuum and She also seems to favor Her more successful designs! ) Several of these 'Terror Birds' ( as they're popularly known ),like Diatryma gigantea here attained adult sizes of seven to ten feet tall and could weigh several hundred pounds! Fossil evidence shows that these fast moving,large-beaked creatures stalked,killed and devoured horses,camels,tapirs, and possibly some types of early ground dwelling primates during their relatively brief reign as 'the king of beasts' several million years ago.
I gave my 'Terror Bird' an exotically striped beak,fur-like feathers,and a yellow 'halo' made by using a 'watercolor' pencil and a 'smudge stick'.
Post Type: Traditional Art
Mixed Media: Minor ,a drawing in Graphite and Colored Pencils,digitally darkened and re-sized

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Diatryma gigantea,II by Sean T Phelan
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