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Posted: June 28, 2022

conceptual art

useless garden brooding

by Renate-Bertodi Interested in this? Contact The Artist

I thank God for the large garden with this house though it was cheap as it is on a hill, impossible to get a garage or park anything. With my present Stasie style state- even going up the road for milk, lab st barths human research sends someone in, they take a file, a book toothpaste and a cardigan. They take ten pages, two teaclothes and flour. Etc They use all the thieves in the city.Slovakian criminal fraternity here, ALWAYS take food. Their parents don't feed them beyond 13 or 14 I found when living in their area, so they have to forage. The young Asians are always looking for drugs money, so the lab st barths has a large interested bag of thieves to pick from. They ring them and just say- now and if they rob anything, pay them. The system was set up by lab. sex worker cum bossess Anna /King and I/ and Mark Knowles, banned psychologist and formerly imprisoned by London courts . Anna is not brains of britain so she takes her lead from all and sundry, ie thieve everything down to one item of that type, which was 20 yr Mustafa, lab assistant who was sex buddy of the 80 yr old Anna. For which he is given many benefits as are all. Most of the Minsitries from Ministers downwards have been her sex buddies and her ''girls'' Mental Care assistants, who fill in the voluntary forms, chop up the tots downstairs and incinerate them, and some of the Lords /that sickened me..LORDS!!/ The english were always corrupt, everyone knows that is how they got the Empire, but they have hit new depths. English people don't speak: there but for the grace of God on this small island go I and my pension when I am too old to work!! On a small island, there is no way of escaping- they merely answer, if you don't like it, there are the colonies, who also owe allegiance to the Crown and as I found, my cousins were killed by London lab visitors out there. USA used to be independent, but because of the jewish element /Human Research is run mainly by jews here and there and cousins over there/ are no longer independent, for some time now. Hence respect for USA has diminished over the last years, mainly because everyone knows--the tie-up with the evil old parent country.
Post Type: Traditional Art
Mixed Media: None | pens on paper

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useless garden brooding by Renate-Bertodi
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