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The Archer Sagittarius

Archer Sagittarius Statue

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Comment from Minnie Kaye

Well as a Sagittarius I am quite partial to this.
I like how you chose to use the dark blue background, makes the drawing stand out.
It looks like it is an actual sculpture. You did a really good job at making it look like a sculpture.
Thanks for sharing.

 Comment Written 14-Sep-2017

reply by the author on 15-Sep-2017
    Thank You so much M Otaku; It's a painting, I can't draw that good to save my soul-LOL. Thanks again for the great review.
reply by Minnie Kaye on 15-Sep-2017
    Your'e welcome
Comment from cleo85

I like the fine detail of the statue, and I even see the sense of humor Sagittarius is supposed to have in this sculpture. The body symbolizes the human and horse features alike and it could belong to male or female. That is pretty clever, because humans in the sign of Sagittarius are of both sexes.

 Comment Written 14-Sep-2017

reply by the author on 15-Sep-2017
    Thank You Cleo so much! For your informative review. So happy you enjoyed this one also and a censear Thank You for your sixth star, means a lot. I, really didn't delve into and just touched on the mythology and just listed the "positive traits and not the detriments or negative traits," birthed under a sign. Thanks again so much. Find it amusing that we like to read about this sort of thing about ourselves and if you want artists to read one's notes, just paint their zodiac sign-LOL-.
reply by cleo85 on 15-Sep-2017
    Funny indeed, that most everyone is intrigued by the signs, truth probably for very different reasons. I do not give much about those signs either. I prefer only to see the funny side of it. It gets even more interesting if you look at the Asian cultures. How would you like to be born in the year of the pig or the monkey? :O)
reply by the author on 16-Sep-2017
    Well, can't say I'm not intrigued, more curious in that the visible constellations create a abstraction. The ancients placed names and stories to them and were added to and handed down from far back in time. By the time of the Grecian culture the stories became woven into Gods and Goddesses, mortals and immortals and to the plays of tragedy. Finally to the plays of Shakespeare and to the playwrights and theater we enjoy today. I have always liked the movies but they are not like they used to be with the sound of the projection booth and the light flickering through the smoke filled air to the phosphorous screen. It was all magic and so all engulfing to escape too. I still like going to the movies and have 3 or 4 free gift admission cards and same number free popcorn cards in my wallet, has to say something. There just signs Cleo.
reply by cleo85 on 16-Sep-2017
    Indeed they are just signs, and I am just kidding.
    But still I love and collect those fairy tales. I still cannot see movies. The are to fast for my eyes, but I think Shakespeare is is on stage better anyway. I have been an extra in the Midsummer Nights Dream as a child... Anyway "I am gone, sir, and anon, sir, I will be with you again."
reply by the author on 16-Sep-2017
    I was just being facetious Cleo. You have done so well learning English being German is your first language. Better then I could do learning German. My shingles are almost gone on my belly. Shure glad got them there as herd of people getting them on their head, around and on their eyelids, on there private parts, God awful painful itch they have. Get your vaccination shot if you had a chicken pox vaccination. The government should pay for it, They made sure children got the vaccination, but they don't!! Oh well, I'm a liberal socialist when it comes to healthcare, what do I know.
reply by cleo85 on 17-Sep-2017
    Glad you are getting better. I still wish you a speedy recovery! :o)

Comment from jesuel

What a great piece of art the color is great the detail is great and the star sign is really great as well beautifully done and executed fine work here

 Comment Written 14-Sep-2017

reply by the author on 15-Sep-2017
    Thanks so much jesuel
Comment from Dick Lee Shia


Too early for my request! An advance birthday post! ;-))

A fa fabulous sixer for clarity, charm & overall creation!

Crisp & clear outlines.
A well thought out composition.

An exquisite zodiac sign rendition.
3-dimensional image with a perfect darkest blue backdrop popping out the subject aesthetically!

More of these and you'll get sixes, .sir Dave!

Good luck & thank you!

 Comment Written 12-Sep-2017

reply by the author on 13-Sep-2017
    Thank You so much Dickson and so glad you like your sign I created. Will get Sagittarius Emailed to you. P.M. me your Email. Thanks again so very much a honor and appreciate. Have the shingles and not feeling to good right now right now*#@!@!! It's a real bummer!
Comment from Malmax

Well I commented on your Ram and I think I like this one even better. Beautiful detail and I love the blue,
almost velvety background.
Very nice work...I am hoping you do a scorpio.

 Comment Written 12-Sep-2017

reply by the author on 12-Sep-2017
    Thank You Malmac for your review. I was just looking for some ideas for scorpio and feel scorpio deserves for a statue with a unconventional approach. A statue of a Greek woman goddess with a scorpion hairdo with stinger coming over her forehead. What do you think?
reply by Malmax on 12-Sep-2017
    Sounds really cool. I like it.
    I'm sure whatever you do will be very nice. I like the woman goddess though, sort of like Medusa only with a large stinger.
    And you're most welcome
Comment from karen zima

Love the composition with the figure slightly off center to make room for the arrow. The cool colors work well with the artwork.

 Comment Written 12-Sep-2017

reply by the author on 12-Sep-2017
    Thank You so much karen zimer; appreciate
Comment from seshadri_sreenivasan

I like this work because it is so classical in its concept and execution. The light and dark, selective colour and the composition have worked well. Good effort!

 Comment Written 12-Sep-2017

reply by the author on 12-Sep-2017
    Thank You so much Sesha and congratulations, a honor to share the stand with you!
Comment from GaliaG

Excellent composition and presentation, love the textures and the marks

good technique, creativity and initial impact

thanks for sharing

 Comment Written 12-Sep-2017

reply by the author on 12-Sep-2017
    Thank You GaliaG
Comment from Life is but a dream.

You explained your process well and I am dazzled at the detail. I really like this against the wispy night and breezy sky. The very slight tint helps to pop out the body of the Centaur.

It's a Virgo month tho!

 Comment Written 12-Sep-2017

reply by the author on 12-Sep-2017
    Thank You Olga; going to do all the signs. They are difficult for me to do, mainly planning. Don't tell me your sign as want to find you if I can. Sagittarius really fits in a number of ways, Love for lifes adventures and philosophical search for the meanings of life. There is I feel a much stronger pull to another sign that has these qualities also but not as strong. Let me know if right so far?
reply by Life is but a dream. on 12-Sep-2017
    Right so far.....gee, all this you know about me without really knowing me. Spooky.
Comment from Trajan

Another nicely done digital sculpture. I am noticing a theme with the zodiac symbols!
You know there are actually 13, not 12?
Anyway, I like you style.
And I still think these would be cool printed in 3d!

 Comment Written 12-Sep-2017

reply by the author on 12-Sep-2017
    Thank You so much Trajan; Praytell what is the thirteenth?
reply by Trajan on 12-Sep-2017