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Clean Reflections

Window Washers

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Comment from Nancy Montana

The reasoning behind doing the photo in black and white is telling. The photographer knew what was expected of the picture and made it happen. The amazing reflections of this piece make it standout in so many ways. The lack of color adds to the ascetic value of the photo.

 Comment Written 15-Jun-2018

reply by the author on 16-Jun-2018
    Hi Nancy. Thank you for finding this one! I truly appreciate your thoughts and analysis. You are exactly right. This was in color and I struggled with it for quite a while before I knew it needed to be converted to B&W in order to make sense out of the story. Thank you so very much. ~Becky
reply by Nancy Montana on 16-Jun-2018
    Oh Becky, I always enjoy reviewing your work. You are most certainly welcome.
Comment from EvaB

Outstanding and the clear winner in my book. Excellent composition, clarity, focus and exposure. Very well done conversion to black and white. Love your notes, Well done.

 Comment Written 19-Nov-2017

reply by the author on 19-Nov-2017
    Thank you so very much Eva. I truly appreciate your words and your opinion. And thank you for the extra star as well. Thanks!! ~Becky
Comment from bpellephoto

I am always surprised by the high detail and color gamut of photo/phones. This take is a prime example of there capabilities.

Changing to B&W was an astute decision on your part.

The exposure settings are so well within acceptable range, that I think you could say that you took this with a standard DSLR, and no one would be able to tell the difference.

The B&W gradients are very evenly distributed with no blow outs and no under exposure.

Compositional framing is of the highest caliber. I particularly like the diagonal placement of the people.

This should do well in the contest since every aspect of this take is so well portrayed.

The impact of this piece is a real eye grabber.

The quality and visual impression of this take leaves me no choice but to give it a six ... B-))

 Comment Written 15-Nov-2017

reply by the author on 16-Nov-2017
    BOB!! I have been thinking about you! I hope all is well. Thank you my friend....for one of your marvelously intelligent and all seeing reviews...and the more than generous rating. You have made my morning..complete! hugs, Rebecca
reply by bpellephoto on 17-Nov-2017
    Rebecca - HI! All is very well with us in Melvin Village, NH (A bustling Metropolis of 243 souls. Now we make it 245.)

    I haven't got a lot to show from the foliage season or from Summer for that matter. Seems, getting relocated took up all our time. But things are settling down now. So I think I can find something to post that might meet the minimum standards at far - just kidding.

    Now the focus is getting an unfamiliar house ready for Winter.

    You said that this take was from a hospital window - I truly hope things OK with you and yours?

Comment from Jairos

like the b/w choice, nice and great angle of the shot, good initial impact, , very good contest entry , the exposure is great, good detail and very well focused, best of luck on the contest, Jairos

 Comment Written 15-Nov-2017

reply by the author on 16-Nov-2017
    Thank you Jai. I am always pleased to get your opinions and your thoughts on my work as I think YOURS is incredible! Great to hear from you my friend. :D
Comment from Browncat

I can see why your photo received special recognition! I also like the black and white treatment. Very nicely balanced subjects and the candidness is what makes your photo both unusual and outstanding.

 Comment Written 14-Nov-2017

reply by the author on 14-Nov-2017
    Thank you is good to hear from you!!! And your generous words and rating are a nice ending to my day. Thank you very much! have a good rest of the week!:D
Comment from suffolkbrian

Do you know what Rebecca,people should take note of your talent on here,i say that as you have taken a slightly mundane job and turned it into an interesting photo,so,so different in its context and the b/w adds I think that journalistic feel to it,well done for this and this could well be a winning photo,full kudos to you...brian

 Comment Written 14-Nov-2017

reply by the author on 14-Nov-2017
    Dear Brian...I seriously cannot tell you what a boost you have been with this most generous review and rating. Mostly, I am very pleased that you see something here that is a little out of the ordinary. And you voiced that very kindly, my friend. Thank you isn't enough to say...but TY! ~Rebecca
reply by suffolkbrian on 15-Nov-2017
    your welcome Rebecca,do like somebody who thinks outside the box
Comment from IdstudentCathy

Impressive. The black and white reflection of each window washer is then repeated. I love the composition. Other reflections too of the buildings in the background just accentuate the whole image. Good work.

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 Comment Written 14-Nov-2017

reply by the author on 14-Nov-2017
    Thank you very much Cathy..for stopping by to review this work. I appreciate your thoughts and would always like to hear more. :D TY ~Rebecca
reply by IdstudentCathy on 14-Nov-2017
    You are so welcome. :)
Comment from Martin W

..., "And the winner of the Reflections Competition is..." Most probably this image. I think that this will take a lot of beating. I'd change the Levels and Curves slightly, but this looks pretty much nailed on for a top 3. Well done :-)

 Comment Written 14-Nov-2017

reply by the author on 14-Nov-2017
    Thank you MisterW.. I do appreciate your generous words and rating and your advice! Very much! Thank you!
Comment from Natalia Leigh

Creative and wonderful as usual. Great idea of this shot make us wonder how many interesting things we miss in our life, just don't pay attention, don't notice...too busy to notice any cute moments that happen every minute around of us. Thanks for sharing.

 Comment Written 13-Nov-2017

reply by the author on 14-Nov-2017
    Hi Natalia! It is always good to hear from you. Thank you for this most generous review and rating. :D How goes it with you my friend?
reply by Natalia Leigh on 14-Nov-2017
    Thank you very much, Rebecca, I am working a lot on my new picture that inspired me with your goosling. Hope will finish it before December 1st. How are you doing?
Comment from stringbean

Oh my....this is a great entry into the Reflections contest. Your choice of black and white works well with a good tonal range through your image. So enjoyed reading your artists notes and good storytelling with your image. The reflections is excellent along with your perspective on their very adventurous journey. Your perspective gives us a wonderful view and reflections as well as your excellent post-processing work. Good luck in the contest and thanks for sharing.

 Comment Written 13-Nov-2017

reply by the author on 13-Nov-2017
    Hi Stringbean! Thank you for stopping to review this post. I know you look long and hard at most everything your review and I am always happy to hear your opinions and what you see. It is a pleasure sharing this site with you... Thank you my friend. ~Becky
reply by stringbean on 16-Nov-2017
    You are more than welcome Bec....nice work!
    Mary Lynn