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taken around a lake that is losing water

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Comment from a.samathasena

What a gorgeous great mixed media shot for the contest.Beautiful landscape scene.Great entrance.The Blue sky and clouds mountains,lake water golden light
and reflection are make a nice scene.I like this talent perfect work.Focus color are excellent.Well Done.Thanks.Wish Your Contest.

 Comment Written 15-Nov-2017

Comment from Linda Wetzel

This looks like a ghost tree forest since there is no foliage. The sky and mountains are lovely and they add to the tree reflections on the water. Best wishes in the contest.

 Comment Written 14-Nov-2017

Comment from suffolkbrian

As a landscape.the strongish color works well in this,not sure the reflection is strong enough in this contest as some are really good,but do like the color balance in this...brian

 Comment Written 14-Nov-2017

Comment from nikman

Well,whatever you did worked out pretty well judging by the fine image you have posted here! Your classic composition gives us a good look at your location, but you do not tell us where it is? Exposure and sharpness are good. Well done and good luck!

 Comment Written 14-Nov-2017

Comment from michiganmike

A beautiful shot. The perspective is great and the excellent choice of f stop gives you sufficient depth of field to show sharp detail throughout. The colors are beautiful and the composition is eye catching. Best of luck in the contest.

 Comment Written 14-Nov-2017

Comment from MKFlood

interesting capture. the clarity is great. the angle of the shot of this wild looking growth from from the water is great. the clarity is great. the capture of the light is great. the image is balanced and eye appealing to the viewer. good eye and great job overall.

 Comment Written 14-Nov-2017

Comment from Paul the Wizard

This looks like a well made painting. The colors in this photograph are wonderful. It does look polarised. Not sure if it is production lens or post production nice job

 Comment Written 14-Nov-2017

Comment from seshadri_sreenivasan

A superb landscape photography. You have framed it well. The colours, light and shadows, reflections have come out well. Good luck in the contest!

 Comment Written 14-Nov-2017

Comment from Yogendra R Modak

Wow super captured view of losing water view of lack by photographer.the way of captured incoming grass and leavesless branches looking so nice view of golden glitering nice,nice scenery ,great photography,great photographer.

 Comment Written 14-Nov-2017

Comment from Dick Lee Shia

Impressive capture!
An interesting initial impact.
Excellent choice of subject with dramatic reflections taken at eye level.
Creative concept. Innovative approach. Imaginative presentation.
Impressive entry. Potential voters choice... Best of luck in the contest!

Thanks for sharing...

 Comment Written 14-Nov-2017