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Ocean Sunsets

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Inspiring Sunsets over the ocean

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Comment from Envision

This is super gorgeous! The colors are very attractive and the sharpness of the water and sparkling reflection on the sand make an awesome entry into the scene. The shapes of the clouds are an extra flattering element to this work of art. Really beautiful work!

 Comment Written 10-Apr-2018

reply by the author on 11-Apr-2018
    Thank you so much Grace for your review and encouraging comments. Thank you especially for your Grand rating.
Comment from PeglegDeb

Love the title BB. ....and the take on Hemingway's novel (which I also loved btw)

YOUR sunsets are classic ....your signature all over this one. I really like that you included the fellow here (for one thing you wouldn't have been able to use THAT title w/o him lol) but seriously I love what he adds to the piece. Wonderful colors in that sky and the swirling clouds are beautifully are the incoming waves. Focus is crisp throughout and exposure is spot on perfect.

I may have tried to crop out the boat....minor little thing though.....just the guy and the ocean and that gorgeous sky. Such a wonderful image for this contest. Well considered BB AND well executed. Even w/ the boat I think it is gold star beautiful and hope it does well for you in the contest.

Deborah (and safe trip home later this week. Let me know you arrive safely)

 Comment Written 10-Apr-2018

reply by the author on 11-Apr-2018
    Thanks so much BB. Yes I guess it is easy to tell my sunset shots. Hmmm. Maybe I am in a rut. Crop out the boat?! No way...Inspector Ling would be all over that and I certainly do Not want to antagonize 'The Inspector'. I always look forward to your reviews and thoughts. I have so many pictures from down here, even after deleting 80% of them. It will take me the rest of the year to go thru and work on them. Maybe that will help keep me busy and help me to get used to this Retirement thing. Other than my Koi pond, some projects that I have been wanting to do, golfing and flying my new quadcopter to take pictures I have no clue what I am going to do. Maybe I will plant a flower garden, buy a flashlight and wander around at night taking pictures ; ) Ya, that's the ticket BB.

    Leaving tomorrow morning. I will let you know that we made it safe and sound. Thank you for your Grand rating BB and Thank you for being You.
reply by PeglegDeb on 11-Apr-2018
    Cannot believe I signed my review Mind must have wandered. So you have a quadcopter? And you can take photos w/ it?? Oh man am I envious BB. Think of the fun you'll have taking photos from an entirely new perspective! I cannot wait to see your first ones. As for being in a rut- no....but I do know exactly how you feel....feel the same way about my snowscapes. You should NEVER stop shooting sunsets....yours are just stunning and everyone loves them....not just me. As for buying a flashlight....hmnnn...think of what you could do if you could attach one to your quadcopter!! Anyway, so very welcome for review and rating. Safe trip tomorrow. I'll look for a note that you've arrived safe and sound, OK?? BB
reply by the author on 13-Apr-2018
    Hey BB. Just got home. It is almost 12 O'clock but had to let you know the trip back was uneventful. Yes I am going to try out the quad copter. The problem is that it is so sophisticated that it will not even start if within 5 miles of an airport. I am about 2 miles away so I can't even fly it around the house. Will have to drive out in the country to try it out. Man if I can figure out how to take photos with that thing the POV will be super. Anyway, made it back safely. Thanks for checking up. Luv you BB aka Deborah ~ BB

    I prefer "Inspector Ling" or "The flashlight lady" to Deborah ; )
reply by PeglegDeb on 13-Apr-2018
    I prefer BB. The 'Deborah' bit was a complete mistake....ignore it BB lol Glad you're home safely. Bet you have oodles of images to go through now. As for your quadcopter. Listen, I have a deal for ya. Airport is almost 90 miles from my place. Bring your copter thing here. There are ENDLESS things to photograph. You'd be an expert w/ it by the time you went back home. so huh?? huh??? whaddaya say BB?? But I understand if your dog flatly refuses to let you leave again so soon.
reply by the author on 13-Apr-2018
    Let me talk to Moka (the dog) and see what she says. She took off last night and stayed out all night. This morning I called for her and she was under the deck with another dog. They both came out and ran off with each other. Sigh, I think she found somebody else to play with. Women are SO fickle. I have dated some real dogs in my life who left me for someone else, but this is ridiculous. Is it me? ; )

    Oh I bet I could get some Real pictures at your place once I figure out how to use this thing.
Comment from Donna Ruiz

Nice decision! The silhouette adds a lot of feeling to this photo. Lovely capture of the waves coming in and, the colors in the sky and reflection in the water are lovely. Good luck in the contest. Thanks for sharing.

 Comment Written 10-Apr-2018

reply by the author on 10-Apr-2018
    Thank you so much Donna. I really appreciate your thoughts.
Comment from No Eye Has Seen

The scene is well presented, balance of the natural elements are are framed well, lighting fits the time of day, Personally I am not sure about the man standing in the frame, I would prefer the pic without the human, but that is just personal, it does not take away from the quality of the photo. After reading your comments I read you most likely agree, all the best

 Comment Written 10-Apr-2018

reply by the author on 10-Apr-2018
    Thank you very much for your review and comments. No I am not a big fan of silhouettes normally. This was one of those times where I either got the person in the picture or no picture at all. I do have others that are from a different POV without a person. This one seemed fitting for the contest. I appreciate your thoughts and commentary.
Comment from suffolkbrian

Superb this,and yes I have waited until someone moves out of a photo that I want,but in this case you were spot on to include him,even like the casual stance he is making,the rolling waves add that extra feel to this,a winner for sure,wish I had not entered now...Brian

 Comment Written 10-Apr-2018

reply by the author on 11-Apr-2018
    Thank you so much Brian for your review and encouraging comments. Thank you especially for your Grand rating.

    I don't know about the winning part, but I am glad that you entered a photo. Most of my entries get creamed in the contests.
reply by suffolkbrian on 11-Apr-2018
    your welcome steve,it is good though and we will see
Comment from suzannethompson2

This is lovely and a great entry for the contest. You captured some gorgeous colours here in this beautiful seascape and the silhouette of the figure against the setting sun adds great contrast and perspective. Very good lighting and focus. Lovely composition. Good luck in the contest. Suzanne

 Comment Written 10-Apr-2018

reply by the author on 11-Apr-2018
    Thank you very much Suzanne for your insightful review and comments.
Comment from Melyuki

Oh yeah.. I do feel the peace.. what a fantastic photo you have captured.. the silhouetted guy just completes the view to perfection. excellent exposure and brilliant focus allow me to really see the intimate detail of the sea as it washes onto the foreshore. The gentle ripples over the ocean's surface give a wonderful feeling of movement and the tiny swell that appears in the foreground introduces that cascade of white wash beautifully as it unfolds onto the sand beneath.. the frothy, foamy lacy effect provides a great contrast in texture and tone to that incoming tide.. I like the addition of the sand in the foreground.. it gives a good balance to the scene. The silhouetted rock wall is the anchor which draws the eye in and it becomes the excellent border between the colours of both the sea and stunning sunset sky.. Great choice to show the ocean beyond that last rock.. it too provides a nice balanced feeling to your scene. Even that boat in the distance brings a touch of further interest ... and offers good depth of field .. The clouded sky with its dense dark hues sweeping across the night sky has really picked up the sun's rays brilliantly. Hues of mauve in the very top of the scene seem almost highlighted by the rays , making the cloud cover look luminous and truly enchanting. Even the splash of deep blue tone in the right hand top corner offers its own sense of tranquility to the view. I love the bright golden glow positioned directly behind your silhouetted intruder.. as it stretches out it really accentuates his being and makes him appear almost spiritual in some emotional way.. the orange hue that spreads itself from the radiation gold glow brings warmth to the sunset sky and offers wonderful value to the emotional feel of the scene. The water is reflecting those soft blueish hues from its surface which compliment the magnificent evening sky.. I really like the silhouetted figure standing quietly alone on the rocks.. He serves a great purpose and plays a perfect role in your setting... Strengthens the feeling of serenity that just oozes from within. Thank you for sharing this delightfully appealing piece of magic.. love the angle used to capture so much beauty and the lighting is just right.. This has been a true joy to soak and review. cheers mel . very best of luck in the contest

 Comment Written 10-Apr-2018

reply by the author on 11-Apr-2018
    Once again Mel you have blown me away with your artistic and poetic review. You see so many things that I do not and I love wandering through the images with you as you show me so many wonderful things. I am slowly learning to see things and also learning to evaluate the images of others. For that i sincerely thank you Mel. Thank you so much for your wonderful rating. I am so honored. Hope all is well.
Comment from AHRowell

Wow, and you made lemonade! I think it couldn't be any more perfect. I love the silhouette. It's like he's waiting for that boat in the distance and enjoying this spectacular view in front of him. Framing is beautifully done. I love how dramatic the waves are then your eye travels to this tranquil, serene scene. Sigh.....Beautiful capture!

 Comment Written 10-Apr-2018

reply by the author on 11-Apr-2018
    Thank you so much Amy for your wonderful review and insightful comments. Thank you especially for your Grand rating.
reply by AHRowell on 11-Apr-2018
    It?s so deserving! You are most welcome!
Comment from GaliaG

excellent entry for the contest, good luck with it

good capture of the sun spot behind the man, good show of the little waves

thanks for sharing

 Comment Written 10-Apr-2018

reply by the author on 11-Apr-2018
    Thank you very much Galia for your review and comments.
Comment from Dick Lee Shia

Please finish that idiom so I'll learn something from every post here...:-)
What's common in your country may never be heard in tue Philippines! LoL!

Oh, wow, this is a serene, visually balanced capture in Diminishing perspective.
Greater depth achieved by the Vanishing viewpoint.

Tranquil eyecatching image.
Poignant, nostalgic or melancholic--depending on one's experiences when life hands them lemons...;-))

Fantabulously amazing color harmony.
God painted skyline.
Soft romantic waves caressing the shore.
What more could you ask for aside from lemons?!?

Impressive entry. Potential voters choice... Fearless forecast!

 Comment Written 09-Apr-2018

reply by the author on 10-Apr-2018
    When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade. Thank you so very much for your exquisitely detailed and artistic review and commentary.
reply by Dick Lee Shia on 10-Apr-2018
    Ah yes, I already heard it! Just forgot about it...;-))