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Sunrise on Culatra 2017

Sunrise over anchorage and trabha pria

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Comment from Envision

I think the colors you used in this are lovely. I especially like the colors in the water and how well you used the lighter tones to give light and reflection to the scene. You did a nice job creating depth and I think the light across the tops of the structures in the background is nice.

 Comment Written 18-Jan-2019

reply by the author on 19-Jan-2019
    Thank you for a great review. Comments much appreciated.
Comment from Mary Christman

This is a really pretty piece of art you captured!
The water is such a beautiful blue color!
The sunset is also beautiful!
Great job on capturing the details!
Well done! Thanks for sharing

 Comment Written 13-Jan-2019

reply by the author on 13-Jan-2019
    Thank you for reviewing... much appreciated.
Comment from GaliaG

lovely paint of a lovely sunset

good creativity, technique and initial impact

good presentation and composition

good luck with the contest and thanks for sharing

 Comment Written 13-Jan-2019

reply by the author on 13-Jan-2019
    Hi thanks for reviewing and rating. Ps it's a sunrise lol
Comment from Denise B

Really am attracted to the ocean colors. The light seems to be coming from beneath the water. Your darks vs the lights add such contrast it really pops.

 Comment Written 12-Jan-2019

reply by the author on 13-Jan-2019
    So happy you liked it. Great review and rating .. Thank you
Comment from Danielle Andrukitis

This beautiful. A very appropriate piece for the "Sunrise, sea, city, landscapes" contest! I love how you painted the water. Good luck in the contest!

 Comment Written 12-Jan-2019

reply by the author on 13-Jan-2019
    Thank you fir your review and good luck eishes.
Comment from csimmons032

This is very beautifully done. I like those bright colors that you used. The only thing I notice is the horizon line could have been a little straighter in my opinion. The details in this painting though are incredible. You did a wonderful job and I thank you for sharing this with us. I hope your New Year has been off to a good start. :)

 Comment Written 12-Jan-2019

reply by the author on 13-Jan-2019
    Happy new year to you too. Thank you for your generous review. Much appreciated. Just as an aside this painting was on a large canvas and on the horizon line was a sandbar that has totally disappeared on my photo. I did try and straighten it but the fishermens huts on the right took a dive. Lol. You are not the only one to mention the horizon. Beyond the sandbar is an island then mainland and hills. I think its the hills that distort it.
reply by csimmons032 on 19-Jan-2019
    Oh I see lol. You are welcome for the review and it is a beautiful painting. :)
Comment from Nikki Shull

I particularly love the color scheme! It's a great painting. The horizon is bit slanted, and the shore line a bit confusing but I think it's a lovely piece overall.

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 Comment Written 12-Jan-2019

reply by the author on 13-Jan-2019
    Thank you for your review. Your comments,are noted and welcome. The original of this is on a large canvas and there is a sandbar on the left on the horizon line which has disappeared in the photograph. Beyond thst is an island then mainland and hills which i makng it look uphill. I did try and straighten
    the photo but the fishermen huts took a dive.. much worse lol. The shoreline is in reality a mess of abandoned nets and boats. Landingis usually by the pontoons. Thrre is a big tidy up going on now to ckear it. A tourist initiation for next season.
Comment from a.samathasena

Good Luck.The Gorgeous story telling and eye catching drawing art.The Golden sun and artistic color design sky and clouds,reflecting water with boats and city are very nice.Color blending and silhouette details are great.I like this nice classic scene.The Creativity color are excellent.Well Done.Thanks.

 Comment Written 12-Jan-2019

reply by the author on 12-Jan-2019
    A great review... thank you. :)
Comment from dalebraatz

A wonderful first impression on this great. Work of art, love the. Colors used to create a beautiful sunrise filled with boats and roof tops, , very nice calm water,
A pleasure to look at, thank you for sharing, dale

 Comment Written 12-Jan-2019

reply by the author on 12-Jan-2019
    Thank you.
reply by dalebraatz on 12-Jan-2019
    Your welcome
Comment from Renate-Bertodi

I had to teach maths to keep a roof over our heads, and continued until quite recently to give maths tuition and used drawings like this one for types of angles etc.I am afraid that was my first thought when I saw it, besides the lovely colours. In fact I really like this one. It is an unassuming painting of the sea shore harbour and it really works well, as do the white outlines, which give a feeling of the last light shining over the scene.

 Comment Written 12-Jan-2019

reply by the author on 12-Jan-2019
    I love your story of your history of maths tuition. And am honoured you associated this painting with it. I loved maths and my father was great at sitting down with me to explain new principals. Early paintings often had angles and perspectives perhaps I did this unconsciously. Thank you so much for your review and comments. They are very welcome.
reply by Renate-Bertodi on 12-Jan-2019
    when you are really an artist and started at Art college, but then had to become practical, you tend to use art in a great number of subjects in class. My pupils had to describe great paintings in English and think about the working classes portrayed in paintings of workers etc Maths, particularly geometry, really lent itself to using art to find clues.
reply by the author on 12-Jan-2019
    What you say here is a remarkable attribute to you and what a way to kearn. In retrospect of me in my career, i never was able to do art like i do now, i think it came about in other ways, i was able to reconstruct interiors eg old houses, offices, kitchens, gardens in fact when i did retire i was so bored i started a home gardening business and was able to do landscaping. Now I paint and love it. Sometimes photography but with this such a novice.