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Fog Schrouded Tile Roof

Roof Over A Mexican Hacienda

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Comment from cleo85

Your POV is very unusual and interesting. The view down the tiles is almost surreal. The monochromatic emphasizes the fog excellently and the selective color emphasizes the textures. The photo is well focused and treated with mixed media. The framing is perfect.

 Comment Written 28-Feb-2020

reply by the author on 28-Feb-2020
    Thank you Cleo. I wanted this to be an 'Out of the Box' different angle plus a touch of drama. Thank you again Cleo ~ Steve
reply by cleo85 on 29-Feb-2020
    You're very welcome Steve!
    This is surely dramatic and Out of the Box. :o)
Comment from helvi2

WOW Steve!, That's a really strange shot, but very cool! You nailed the fog and the heavy clouds. I'm glad you said what the shot was because I didn't get it right away. I think you have a really good chance in the "Unexpected angle" Contest Steve. I really like your entry! Nice job with the focus and lighting. :o) Nancy

 Comment Written 28-Feb-2020

reply by the author on 28-Feb-2020
    Thank you Nancy for your review and comments. I wanted this to be an 'Out of the Box' view and with a bit of added drama. Thank you again Nancy ~ Steve
Comment from Stan Virdon

Cool perspective and I digg those photoshop effects with the fog and clouds. I don't know much about photoshop but, it makes for some interesting pictures. Nice job Steve !

 Comment Written 28-Feb-2020

reply by the author on 28-Feb-2020
    Wow. Thanks a lot Stan. Actually I mostly used Smart Photo Editor for this one which is much less expensive than PS. I use it 90% of the time. I am still learning what PS can do. Thank you for your encouraging review and Grand rating Stan ~ Steve
reply by Stan Virdon on 29-Feb-2020
    Always welcome Steve, keep on with those awesome pictures!
Comment from eileen0204

this is awesome BFF.

Love the added effect of the fog.. but the background looks foggy by itself and gives it that extra mystifying and spooky look.

Great details are seen all over those tiles. You are, they have some very artistic architecture. Great job BFF

 Comment Written 27-Feb-2020

reply by the author on 27-Feb-2020
    Thanks a lot BFF. Just playing outside of the box ~ BFF
Comment from Lucas Sizov

This is definitely unexpected angle! Nicely done, Steve! The composition is perfect! Foggy sky is a nice addition to the photo. I like the pattern of the tiles. Best wishes! Hope it is the winner of the contest!

 Comment Written 27-Feb-2020

reply by the author on 27-Feb-2020
    Thank you so much Lucas for your wonderful review and commentary. I am glad you liked it. Since I am not an artist and cannot draw or paint I am trying to work Out of The Box with my photos to see what "Creates Itself" if that makes sense. It makes me feel 'Creative' somehow which is a new feeling for me. Pretty cool actually. Anyway thank you again for your unfailing loyalty and encouraging reviews and comments Lucas ~ Steve
reply by Lucas Sizov on 27-Feb-2020
    Thanks for replying! You are creative! Make this day a special one! Noticed a profile picture change again. Back to a war after a vacation?
reply by the author on 27-Feb-2020
    Thanks Lucas. Just an old picture from Afghanistan.
Comment from Tootie H2O

You have a creative eye. Your photos always amaze me by what you see and what I would have missed. I find this very cool and it has so many qualities from mysterious to beautiful Thank you! and Well Done!

 Comment Written 27-Feb-2020

reply by the author on 27-Feb-2020
    Thank you so very much Tootie. This FAR thing has become almost like a curse for me. I look at all the contests being offered and then it seems no matter where I am I see possible scenes that would fit such and such a contest. It seems like I can't go anywhere that I don't see something to photograph with my iPhone11. I think I need professional help! I hope there is a cure. Thank you so much Tootie for all your support and always for your Encouraging words.~ Steve
Comment from suffolkbrian

I looked at this Steve and my first thought was what a weird thing to take a photo of.
But now having studied it,i think its quite cool and taking thinking outside the box to a new level,i like the selective color element as well,still weird but in a good way,well done for this and goes to show imagination can be a positive thing,good one...Brian

 Comment Written 27-Feb-2020

reply by the author on 27-Feb-2020
    LOL. Thanks Brian. Since I had a stroke at some time within the past year, my brain has started seeing all kinds of weird things to photograph. I am constantly thinking about FAR topics and now I see them everywhere. I need professional help! I am having a hard time just submitting regular images. I seem to have to fool with making the images into something else. Strange huh? Like I say I think I need professional help.

    Thanks so much my friend for your Great commentary and Wonderful Rating. I just hope you don't go off the deep end like I have ; )

    Hope all is well with you Brian ~ Steve
reply by suffolkbrian on 27-Feb-2020
    your welcome steve,sorry to hear that,hope you are okay,as for me I fell of a stepladder 2 months ago and have a leg in plaster,although its du to come of Monday [the plaster not the leg] ha,ha keep well...Brian
Comment from Kurt Fondriest

Wow , love this and you know I'll tell you why lol. Dynamic composition. The roof tiles seem so carefully placed by human hands has a nice contrast to the ethereal mist or fog creeping over them. The hint of earthen oxide orange red offers the only contrasting element of color, which is saturated into the bricks of this deteriorating wall. It offers hope! Now for the sky the hint very so lightly of the earthen orange brings with it hope through all the greyness And the little whisper of the tint of orange in the foreground moves you through fore ground, middle ground and at last back ground.

 Comment Written 27-Feb-2020

reply by the author on 27-Feb-2020
    Wow. Thank you so much Kurt for your wonderful review and commentary. Your More than Generous rating is greatly appreciated and Very Encouraging. I am trying to take things Out of the Box just to see what 'Creates Itself'. I truly appreciate your support and encouragement Kurt. Thank you ~ Steve
Comment from Daphne Oberon

That is an awesome effect. What a strange little roof on the left with the teeny-weeny ventilation window. Do you know what that piggyback structure is for? Can you continue the natural brick color down to the top of the roof? To me, that is the one thing that identifies it as a doctored image, otherwise I don't think anyone would know; not without reading the caption.

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 Comment Written 27-Feb-2020

reply by the author on 27-Feb-2020
    Thank you so much Daphne for your review and comments. Yes this was quite doctored as you will see. I just wanted to have some fun with this and make it a bit different. Not sure what the structure on the left is. I think it is like an attic for the house. Thank you again Daphne for your review and commentary ~ Steve
reply by Daphne Oberon on 27-Feb-2020
    I like the misty vapor effect, especially as this is EXACTLY how things looked up in the cloud layer in the Guatemalan jungle. I liked it. It seemed like the much larger cloud banks blocked or muffled sound -- not sure if that is true, but it seemed like it. This is really a cool image -- super -- a winner in my book, with that great upward perspective over all those tiles. Were you standing on a ladder?
Comment from Malmax

Wow Baby! You can even make a roof look like an incredible piece of art. I really think this is amazing with such a unique perspective. Really gives the viewer a dramatic and dimensional look. It seems to take on a quality of its own and goes on to infinity. Perfect entry and fantastic contender!
Best wishes in the contest.

 Comment Written 27-Feb-2020

reply by the author on 27-Feb-2020
    LOL. Thank you my VO. You should see what I can do with stairs ; )
    I do so appreciate your wonderful comments VO. I think I am getting more and more weird with my images. I just can't leave well enough alone. I'm going to blame it on the stroke for going off the deep end. Thank you so much for your Amazingly Generous Rating. My stroked brain Really appreciates it. Thank you again My VO ~ FS