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Camaflarge Peacock Butterfly

A peacock butterfly on a red rose

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Comment from MKFlood

nice colorful creation. the butterfly form is good. the floral form is good. the details is good. the shading is great. the blend of the colors is great. the depth is good. the creation is balanced and eye appealing to the viewer. creative and great job overall.

 Comment Written 14-May-2021

reply by the author on 15-May-2021
    Thank you Mark
Comment from Linda Bickston

This is a gorgeous creation. Your colors a bright and vibrant. The wing of the butterfly that is colorized is beautiful, and the wing in shadow fits perfect into your story.

 Comment Written 13-May-2021

reply by the author on 15-May-2021
    Thank you. I appreciate your time and review comments