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Irrigated Farm Land

Lower foothills and irrigation canals

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Comment from Neilnap773

a beautiful and unusual abstract piece of landscape art. Loving your palette of colours and the wonderful way in which you have applied it to the canvas through your chosen medium.Good luck in the contest

 Comment Written 25-Jun-2021

reply by the author on 25-Jun-2021
    I am just so delighted with you fabulous review, thank you!
Comment from Glena Jessee-King

I love your work, especially the velvety rose, but I am not into the abstract as much. However, what interesting patterns and sharp colors. And done digitally! A great job.

 Comment Written 25-Jun-2021

reply by the author on 25-Jun-2021
    So many thank you for a wonderful feedback.
Comment from cleo85

Your abstract is interesting. The colors are pleasant. I imagined landscape, but saw mountains. After reading your comments, I imagine a fresh plough field where water is accumulating between the rows. Your abstract is well composed and framed. The composition is balanced.

 Comment Written 24-Jun-2021

reply by the author on 24-Jun-2021
    Thank you so much for an insightful review, thank you Cleo.
reply by cleo85 on 24-Jun-2021
    You're most welcome! :o)
Comment from DMacKay

It was the color tones of your beautiful work that captured my eye. I love the pinks, blue and tan. The texture you've used to create the variety of landscape added to the interest found here. Great choices in the composition balance of the colors. I've enjoyed studying your work.

 Comment Written 24-Jun-2021

reply by the author on 24-Jun-2021
    Thank you so much for such thoughtful and kind review.
reply by DMacKay on 24-Jun-2021
    You?re quite welcome.
Comment from mamamary

I have to use my imagination with this one. I love the colors you have mixed together. I don't think I would have come up with the concept you are portraying here, but art is in the eye of the beholder. I like it very much because of the bright, beautiful colors.

 Comment Written 24-Jun-2021

reply by the author on 24-Jun-2021
    Mamamary thank you for wonderful feedback and review!
reply by mamamary on 24-Jun-2021
    You are more that welcome.
Comment from Artistsushma

What a lovely riot of colours!! The vibrant colours, particularly the magenta and blue hues are so captivating to the eye!! Even the concept behind this artwork is so refreshing- Mother Earth in myriad shades in an irrigated landscape

 Comment Written 06-Jun-2021

reply by the author on 06-Jun-2021
    Thank you very much for a kind review!

I really love the balance of colors and textures in this piece. It has a fantastical quality that resonates with me and touches my soul - great work!

 Comment Written 05-Jun-2021

reply by the author on 05-Jun-2021
    So many thank you for encouraging and nice review.
Comment from Sailee

Awesome colour combinations..such a eye soothing effects created ..beautiful landscape created ..awesome work ..keep up the good work..all the best

 Comment Written 03-Jun-2021

reply by the author on 03-Jun-2021
    Thank you very much such encouraging feedback.
Comment from Sean T Phelan

That's an interesting digitally created presentation and the scene it makes me think of how it'll look when we eventually 'terra form' the planet Mars once our species 'gets it's act together' and moves out to colonize the universe!

 Comment Written 26-May-2021

reply by the author on 26-May-2021
    Sean thank you very much for a nice review,
reply by Sean T Phelan on 27-May-2021
    You're very welcome!
Comment from Brenda Curley

This is a good rendition of the Agricultural field being irrigated with the canals. The beautiful colors of blue, rose and green are like waves across the sky. It reminds me of the desert. There is a nice rhythm throughout this abstract painting. The blue below is a reminder of the canals. Good texture, complimentary colors. Painting is well executed.
Good luck in the contest.

 Comment Written 24-May-2021

reply by the author on 24-May-2021
    So many thank you for a very kind review.