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A Battle Nymph

Long Ago and Very Far away!

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Comment from TDtraditionalart

I love this! It has attitude! It is very well shaded, your cross hatching is very effective. Its hard to tell its even ballpoint pen. The sepia tone gives it a vintage feel.

 Comment Written 01-Jul-2021

reply by the author on 01-Jul-2021
    Hello again! Thank you so very much!
Comment from ABG Photography

You know this concept is actually quite clever Sean. Aircraft are often referred to as "she," so for you to carry that a step forward by drawing her, the soul and spirit of the aircraft, in my opinion is awesome. I made the correlation immediately. As always the body is adequately proportioned, though, she does have extremely long fingers, the curves of her back and buttock are very sensual and stand in great contrast to the solid, hard lines of the plane. I find myself wondering if you were trying to convey something to the viewer with your long swag of her hair leading the viewer's eyes to her hand and those long fingers. Four fingers, could it be four missions?

 Comment Written 29-Jun-2021

reply by the author on 29-Jun-2021
    It could be,Aimee!
    Thank you so very very much,my friend!
    : D
Comment from seshadri_sreenivasan

Super sexy! Perfect bod. She must be a real fast girl matching the speed of the jet! You have wonderful talent in drawing female figures. Thanks for sharing!

 Comment Written 28-Jun-2021

reply by the author on 28-Jun-2021
    Thank you so very much,Sesha! : )
Comment from ChuckWaxman

Wonderful Sean. Love the image of both are beauty and the plane. Yeah - a secret war!! Love the sepia tone of the work. Guess she better not turn around ;-) . This is much better than a car in the woods!!! Thanks for sharing. Chuck

 Comment Written 26-Jun-2021

reply by the author on 26-Jun-2021
    Hi Chuck! Thank you so very much,my friend! : )
Comment from Shadow catcher

Well the sepia tone definitely gives it that *long ago* feel to this creation,the detailing and shading in the *Skyraider* is outstanding,and your temporarily visible battle nymph is another of your lovelies,nice tight derrière that is caressed by her long flowing hair. An exceptional piece,as always,my friend!

 Comment Written 26-Jun-2021

reply by the author on 26-Jun-2021
    This drawing is Very Special to me and I'm so very,Very happy that you liked it!
    : D
    Your wonderful Six Star rating SERIOUSLY Makes My Day,my friend!
    Thank You,Thank You,Thank You!
reply by Shadow catcher on 26-Jun-2021
    you are so very welcome,Sean,I enjoy viewing your creations! :) LeeAnn
Comment from Brendaartwork18

Nice story telling that gives interest to this 'illustration' ... excellent design and balance with interesting and well drawn subjects ... I admire your attention to detail. Adding the sepia makes this really stand out

 Comment Written 26-Jun-2021

reply by the author on 26-Jun-2021
    Hi Brenda!
    Thank you so very,very much,my friend!
    : D
Comment from Artistsushma

I love the way you portray hair of your female characters!! It's classy !! And the context you attached to your artwork has made it more interesting and appealing!! I find it rather awesome the way you placed this Skyraider in the frame!! Superb artwork!!

 Comment Written 25-Jun-2021

reply by the author on 26-Jun-2021
    Hello again,Sushma!
    Thank you most sincerely,my friend! : )
Comment from shiyi. Yu

Very interesting choice of medium and topic. It makes people wonder what secret messages are behind this drawing? What does this drawing mean to you? What does this women mean to you?

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 Comment Written 23-Jun-2021

reply by the author on 28-Jun-2021
    Before I forget about you forever I want to ask you-was there REALLY any reason for throwing a totally insulting One Star rating at my drawing? Or were you just trying to hurt my feelings and mess up my place in the 'rankings' ? Go ahead and be honest! I'm an Adult,I've been around this website for years,I've dealt with all sorts of 'artists' and I really want to know!
Comment from michiganmike

I don't know how we ever left that field of battle without a clear victory on our side when we had this sort of personnel, even if they were just behind the scenes rooting.

 Comment Written 22-Jun-2021

reply by the author on 22-Jun-2021
    I'm not sure,Mike! Our 'secret war' in Laos ( fought by specially selected US Army Special Forces units,the CIA 'Special Operations' units,and Laotian Hmong tribesman against the 'Pathet Lao',the North Vietnamese Army,and -supposedly- Soviet 'Red Army' advisory personnel ) was a pretty complicated & murky affair!
    ( The 'Pathet Lao' won though! I think they're still in power over there! )
    Thanks so much for giving my 'Battle Nymph' drawing a great rating!
Comment from jesuel

what a beautiful drawing of this gorgeous young lady the shading on her is perfect love the old bomber behind her and I like how you have framed her in fine work here

 Comment Written 21-Jun-2021

reply by the author on 22-Jun-2021
    Thank you so very much,James! : )