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Woven Fall

A fall scene with woven effect

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A contest winning entry! A seven star rating from the Contest Committee for posting the winning contest entry.

 Comment Written 30-Jun-2021

reply by the author on 30-Jun-2021
    Thank you for the win and seven star vote! I am surprised and honored!
Comment from DMacKay

This is so intriguing! I wish I could have watched you as you created this lovely work! the colors are beautiful! It's as though it is a quilt carefully stitched by Mother Nature. Great work!

 Comment Written 27-Jun-2021

reply by the author on 27-Jun-2021
    Thanks so Much! I appreciate your review and comments greatly!
reply by DMacKay on 27-Jun-2021
    You?re quite welcome! My pleasure.
Comment from seshadri_sreenivasan

It is always nice to see alternate approaches. The colour and the light really speak here. The abstract composition has worked well Thanks for sharing. Good luck!

 Comment Written 27-Jun-2021

reply by the author on 27-Jun-2021
    Thank you so much!
Comment from Shadow catcher

Perfect title for this impressive composition! I like how the weave pattern you applied blends into the aspen trees,and the color perfectly compliments the dark foliage. An excellently conceived and created image,all the best to you in this contest

 Comment Written 26-Jun-2021

reply by the author on 26-Jun-2021
    Thanks so much for this great review and rating! I appreciate it and your opinion! Jodi ~
Comment from

Ooh! I really like this. It honestly gives me Alice and wonderland vibes mixed with the chronicles of narnia! I really admire the vibrant colors and the splashes of black for that dramatic effect. Well done!

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 Comment Written 25-Jun-2021

reply by the author on 26-Jun-2021
    Thank you for your positive and supportive review! Glad that you liked the photo!
reply by on 28-Jun-2021
Comment from ryleeroo

That is so cool! I have never seen anything like it! This should win the contest! It looks awesome! How did you even do it? Such pretty colors and such a cool design! AMAZING job!

 Comment Written 25-Jun-2021

reply by the author on 25-Jun-2021
    Hi Ryleeroo,
    Thanks for your review and high rating on this creation! I use a photoshop program, not adobe - that has some creative special effects like ripples, rain, wind blowing and this basket weave. I just applied it to my photo and decided how big I wanted the weave! It was so fun and I am glad that you like it so much! Jodi ~
reply by ryleeroo on 25-Jun-2021
    You're welcome! You made it looks so cool!
Comment from JirinaInspire

Truly creative abstract presentation of the aspen trees growing thorough the basket like wall. I like it so much that I will give it some thoughts how to make something similar on our property.
Great photograph and how you used the mixed media is wonderful. It shows nice balance between what is the actual photograph and what Was added- great feel!
The colors and details are appealing and the overall presentation is great!
Good luck in the contest Jodi!

 Comment Written 25-Jun-2021

reply by the author on 25-Jun-2021
    Thanks so much Jirina for your wonderful review and comments! I?m really glad that you liked this! Jodi
reply by JirinaInspire on 25-Jun-2021
    Jodi, it is absolutely beautiful!
Comment from alaskapat

This is such an interesting image, it presents as a work of art, your use of mixed media effectively created the look of a large woven basket behind the foliage, I like the warm autumn colors with the fresh green foliage.
Well photographed, arranged and presented! Best wishes to you in this contest!

 Comment Written 25-Jun-2021

reply by the author on 25-Jun-2021
    Thank you Pat, I appreciate your positive comments on my ?experiment? very much! Jodi ~
Comment from Susan F. M. T.

A beautiful & amazing picture of what appears to be a golden woven wicker fence with the beauty of the Aspens super imposed upon it. Artistic & imaginative composition, framing & lighting taken with superb camera & editing techniques & sharp focus.

 Comment Written 25-Jun-2021

reply by the author on 25-Jun-2021
    Thank you so much Susan! Your review and highest rating is very much appreciated!
Comment from Sean T Phelan

Way Cool,Jodi! : D
That's delightfully 'Out of the Ordinary',my friend!
It's surreal to the point of being High Grade Psychedelic and I'm enjoying it a whole lot!
A very 'Good Show' of a presentation indeed!

 Comment Written 24-Jun-2021

reply by the author on 24-Jun-2021
    Thanks so much Sean! As a child of the sixties I?m honored! :-0