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House Sparrow

Mixed media Sparrow on table.

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Comment from Susan F. M. T.

A wonderful image of this Cock House Sparrow puffed up against the cold looking up at you from his perch on the wooden shelf. Beautiful composition framing and lighting taken with superb camera & editing techniques and sharp focus.

 Comment Written 15-Mar-2023

reply by the author on 16-Mar-2023
    Hi Susan, Thank you so much for the lovely six star review! I am honored you felt I deserved this rating. :o) Nancy
Comment from FBI GUY

Your goal of achieving an embossed image has been successfully achieved. At first, after i looked at this image, I was thinking it was a bit over the top. The colors and realism are great. Great work on the postproduction effects.

 Comment Written 15-Mar-2023

reply by the author on 15-Mar-2023
    Hi Gary, Sounds like you didn't know if you liked this or not, but in the end, liked what I did! Thanks for the great review! :o) Nancy
Comment from JirinaInspire

Nancy, this is wonderful photograph of the bird with great use of mixed media, enhancing the feathers and wood very nicely.
Great details, especially the eye contact and overall pleasing presentation.

 Comment Written 14-Mar-2023

reply by the author on 15-Mar-2023
    Hi Jirina, Since you do pretty awesome mixed media yourself, your review meant a lot to me. Thank you so much for the lovely compliments! :o) Nancy
Comment from bpellephoto

I must admit this is a most remarkable image and I can't say I've seen its like. But I like it!

The extensive post processing has made it impossible to evaluate camera settings with much accuracy. Instead this composition must be considered from a more artistic point of view.

All of the colors are on steroids, they are so intense and deep.

The layering gives the central subject an outlined impression. This serves to highlight and keep the viewers attention on the bird. This process also strengthens the background and further highlights the bird.

I like this shot a lot because it is so dramatic and intense... Bob

 Comment Written 14-Mar-2023

reply by the author on 15-Mar-2023
    Hi Bob! I was incredibly honored when I saw the word "remarkable" in your review! Love that you thought this dramatic and intense and that it caught your attention. Thank you so much for the truly awesome review. I'm thrilled you liked what you saw! :o) Nancy
Comment from Brendaartwork18

I really enjoyed seeing this image. There is a very artistic approach to it and I understand and appreciate your creativeness in presenting an alternative type of photograph. The structured and textured look has come through in everything. The bird is well placed and showing fine details, the background is interesting and adds to a sense of situation. Top marks!!

 Comment Written 14-Mar-2023

reply by the author on 15-Mar-2023
    Hi Brenda, I truly am honored by your lovely review and the six stars that go with it! Thank you so much! :o) Nancy
reply by Brendaartwork18 on 19-Mar-2023
    You are welcome
Comment from Glena Jessee-King

This is beautiful mixed media with the clear lines in the wood planks, and their having colors adds to the beauty. The bird, I believe it is a sparrow, is lovely with those nice and soft earth colors and feathers. Nice mixed media work in this style, indeed.

 Comment Written 14-Mar-2023

reply by the author on 15-Mar-2023
    Hi Glena, Thanks my friend for the wonderful review! I'm glad you enjoyed! :o) Nancy
reply by Glena Jessee-King on 17-Mar-2023
    Most welcome, artist friend Nancy. The setting is lovely, the capture of it skilled.
Comment from Cindy Sue Truman

WoW! What a Beautiful little feathered one you captured here Nancy! I do believe you are correct that this is a House Sparrow. Also I do believe it to be a cute little boy. It appears to be young because I don't see trauma or chips of life on the beak. We get wrinkles, birds get chips, dryness, brittilness but no wrinkles. :) I also can tell from all the steps to create this took a lot of time. A labor of Creativity and Love. You did a fantastic job here. It really does look etched into wood. Your visit to the farm seeing all the Wonder the Lord has created sounds so lovely. I have a heart for nature and all the splendor and positivity it encourages. Thank you for creating this lovely capture and your amazing talent to share with us and FAR. Stay Always Blessed my FFFF: Fantastic Fabulous FAR Friend Nancy, hugs across the miles ~Cindy Sue

 Comment Written 13-Mar-2023

reply by the author on 14-Mar-2023
    Hi Cindy, Thank you so much for the awesome review! I appreciate the info about how you recognize an older bird. I didn't know those facts.
    I love adding artistic touches to my work and mixed media allows me to do that. I'm thrilled you enjoy what I do. Sending hugs back to you my FFF friend. :o) Nancy
Comment from Ray Gordon

This is a beautiful capture of this sparrow. You have done a wonderful job sliding all those thingies that you slide. All your efforts have paid off this is a wonderful presentation and all your enhancing has payed off. I just love this. You have a gift and thats for sure. Ray

 Comment Written 13-Mar-2023

reply by the author on 14-Mar-2023
    Always have fun sliding those thingies! Lol I'm both glad you enjoyed the image and think I have some talent. :o) Thanks for the wonderful review Ray! :o) Nancy
Comment from suffolkbrian

The post production work is stunning and although it probarly was a good shot of this sparrow it has been turned into a work of art in this one,really good work from you...Brian

 Comment Written 13-Mar-2023

reply by the author on 13-Mar-2023
    Wow! What's really stunning is your review! Thank you so much for the awesome review along with the six stars. I feel truly honored Brian! :o) Nancy
reply by suffolkbrian on 14-Mar-2023
    your welcome
Comment from Charlotte Morse

Nancy I love this, it's a work of art! I think I followed most of your editing technique, but got slightly confused by the end! Lol But whatever you did it really works!
Your method has picked out the beautiful feathers, eye, feet and beak and the boards it's fab!
Excellent work!

 Comment Written 13-Mar-2023

reply by the author on 13-Mar-2023
    Hi Charlotte, Knowing that you really enjoyed this means a lot! Thank you so much for the 6 star review! I truly am honored by it! :o) Nancy
reply by Charlotte Morse on 14-Mar-2023
    You?re more than welcome Nancy, those stars were very well deserved!