Contest Vote For Grouping of Wild Animals

The voting has ended. Showing the final vote count.

16 votes CSP Buffalo by EvaB
13 votes ready to fight by supergold
12 votes A Group of Deer by liseworks
5 votes Lazybones by seshadri_sreenivasan
4 votes mountain goats by dt123#
3 votes Two Cute by cs144

Comments For CSP Buffalo by EvaB

A perfect composition. Everything in the image is beautiful, including the magnificent buffalo.

Comments For ready to fight by supergold


This is a unique and amazing shot of these wild elephants preparing for the enemy and at the same time protecting their babies.. Awesome subject matter and a joy to review. thanks for sharing and best of luck cheers mel

The compositional elements of presenting the horizontal lines of the sky, elephants and dusty ground work very well to give the feeling of expansiveness. Very nice.

Comments For A Group of Deer by liseworks

all are winners. guess this vote goes to first impact. such a relaxed, pleasant setting.