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16 votes Scarey Little Miss by Barb Baker
8 votes The Art Lesson by willockett
4 votes Fright Night! by seshadri_sreenivasan

Comments For Scarey Little Miss by Barb Baker

Reminds me of my grand daughter when she does not get her way.
Very nice art work and detail!

I think the eyes in this one is scary enough to win. Oh, the teeth showing also is a winner, lol.

Captured Contest Topic Perfectly! Very well done. Excellent Details!

Comments For The Art Lesson by willockett

This one brings back memories, cause I did exactly the same thing. In night art class, we were to paint a landscape with a stream running through. Couldn't get the stream to look right, so I changed it to a dirt road with a model T putting along. Turned out great, but was a big no-no according to the teacher. LOL