Comments For The Kapok Kiss by LittleBogie 007

This was really interesting, hard to make a decision but this stood out

Very unusual and interesting.


Very interesting! Nice framing and lighting!

Comments For Interesting tree bark by Agreenr

It looks like those two trees are fighting for their spot in the park. Very nice piece.

I like the overall consideration of the entire photo and that they actually have more than one type of bark in the photo.

Comments For Open House by soulfeeder

Love this photo.. It has amazing earthly colour tonings in the trunk and a most welcoming home inbuilt for some lucky critter to dwell. Your photo made me smile and gave me a feel good emotion on viewing it. thanks for sharing and best of luck .. cheers mel

Comments For Mulberry Bark by Alveria

nice detail.

Comments For Alligator Bark by SCHATZLING

Excellent photo. Wonderful atyist's notes. Never saw one before now. My Winner!!!